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St.-Petersburg Dolls museum

One of the first not state museums of Russia, the Petersburg museum of dolls have been created in 1998 at a scientifically-methodical management of the Russian Ethnographic museum.

The basis of museum funds was made some with private collections, expositions constantly replenish with author's and antiquarian dolls. Now it is a unique museum in St.-Petersburg, most full telling about history of a doll from archaic up to modern.

8 halls of a constant exposition among which halls interernoj dolls, fairy tales, the Russian folklore doll, traditional ceremonies and holidays, halls " Theatre and a masquerade " and " the Wood empire ", and also demonstration workshops on manufacturing a souvenir doll open to visitors the world of dolls. The important part of an exposition of a museum dolls make, textile collages, the masks executed by students postanovochnogo of faculty of Academy of a theatrical art.

The best works of students collected in halls of a museum, are created in Theatrical Academy at various times under direction of leading teachers of faculty-. Century Slezinoj. Century Ludinovoj. Cooperation with Academy of a theatrical art promoted occurrence new to the Petersburg museum of dolls of a principle of exhibiting. Configuration of each show-window assimilates to a theatrical stage on which there are doll characters that creates effect of original immersing of the spectator in magic doll.